Collective Styles

At Patricia Conner Designs we each draw inspiration and creativity from a variety of different sources. Our years of experience and extensive knowledge of process and design makes the collaboration and creating process very exciting. There are, however, commonalities in styles that surround this processes and represent our collective design aesthetic. Below you will find words that are often used to describe our work and a collection of our favorite details.

impressive, substantial, striking, encompass, authentic, signature, elevate a space, capture a view or feeling, restrained
sense of balance, poise, harmony, bring elements into balance harmony, equilibrium, fluid, evokes a feeling
personalize, custom, tailored, style, planning, architecture building style, bespoke, ergonomics
grace, simple expression, aesthetic, blueprint.

beautiful, rich finishes
layering within the space
antiques mixed with new
thick, soft area carpets
sculptural, elegant plumbing fixtures

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