Patricia Conner Designs has been crafting client driven residential and commercial design and construction projects in Calgary and Vancouver since 1995.

Our mission is to manifest the vision of our clients through exceptional design practices and space planning, unique to-the-trade products of the highest quality, and custom designed and manufactured products. These services are implemented by long term associations with experienced master journeyman trades, craftsman and artists.

The design firm began as Brimacombe Conner Design, renovating and designing the headquarters for Yorkton Securities in Calgary and Vancouver. In 2000, Patricia Conner Designs emerged and has since created outstanding designs that offer clean and uncluttered style in functional spaces with a beautiful aesthetic quality. In 2014, Nancy Brimacombe Cortese rejoined the team to partner with Patricia Conner bringing a modern, clean design aesthetic to the firm.

The creative foundation at Patricia Conner Designs is grounded in a love affair with all things beautiful and items that are exquisitely crafted. The journey from Patricia Conner to Patricia Conner Designs began with a love of creating and an appreciation for fine art and craft that has evolved into building functional, harmonized, handsome spaces.

A balanced space is pleasing to the senses and creates a feeling of harmony and well-being. Design personal to you and a flow throughout your home or office creates a calming and unified atmosphere that promotes relaxation, balance and enhances productivity.

Patricia Conner Designs is client driven in that each of us has an innate sensibility to elements of style that bring balance to our lives. Our approach is to work with clients to help them find elements that express their personal sense of style. Every project is special, as are one’s ideas. We, therefore, strive to partner with you to formulate a solid understanding of one’s vision prior to creating a master plan and commencing with a project.

Whether you choose to change your furnishings, renovate one room, your entire home, or build new, our goal is to use our expertise to guide you and develop your dream space. We offer advice grounded in years of experience from the function of space planning to the selection of materials and product knowledge.

Patricia Conner Designs is a full service design and construction company. We collaborate with trusted builders, crafts people and trades people who are considered masters in their areas of expertise, some having brought their crafts from Europe to Canada. We value these partnerships, their knowledge and input to develop each project, thus culminating in a high standard of finishing. It is never too early to start working with your designer. We work systematically and build on basics to create a space that you love and that balances both form and function.

We search the world for products or create bespoke items tailored to complete the vision and take the space from a construction phase to creating a home.

Patricia Conner attended the Banff School of Fine Arts and holds a Bachelor Degree in Fine Art from the University of Calgary.

Unless otherwise stated, all images on this site are created by Michael Conner and copyright to Patricia Conner Designs.

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